Age: 28

Nationality: Italian

Skills: Skydiver, AFF instructor, Tandem instructor, video man, RW4 team (Nytro)


Sponsors: Larsen&Brusgaard

Container: United Parachute Technologies Vector

Main Canopies: Xaos 78

Reserve Canopy: PD R 106

AAD: Cypres speed

Home Drop Zone: Area Delta 47 - Accademia di paracadutismo in Italy

Year of First Jump: 2009


Championship and record: 2011 2nd place at Skydive Fano categoria "esordienti",

                                               2012 1st place at Skydive Fano in "esordienti" ,

                                               2014 3rd place at Skydive Fano in "assoluti"


Total Number of Jumps: +2500
RW4: 700
Tunnel: +40h
Tandem: +1000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Video:+500 


Total Number of Cutaways: 5


What are your future skydiving goals? improve my freefly fall :)


How did you become interested in skydiving? i'd always been fascinated by Sky and every form of sport connect with it.

Do you have any suggestions for students? enjoy,learn and be safe


What has been your best skydiving moment? 1st time on the podium with my Nytro team

What has been your greatest competition moment? during a competition, fight for the 2nd place against another team (and we won! )